Independent travel for everyone

WaytoB is a smartphone and smartwatch solution to empower people with higher support needs to travel independently.

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Our Product

Phone showing user's location on a map

Peace of Mind

Real time information

Family members can monitor user's location, heart-rate and battery life.

Personalised alerts

Automatic alerts if user deviates from route, stops for too long, etc.

Two-tap contact

Quickly get in touch with user.

Custom routes

Ability to tailor routes to individual needs.

Watch parent's feedback
Laptop showing several individuals' locations on a map

Better training


Keep track of individual's being trained in real time in just one location.

Task Manager

Manage and improve independent travel training process.


Measure key performance indicators.


Get insights from journey history.

Watch trainer's feedback

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About us

Our vision at waytoB is to make the world accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of ability. We do this by providing assistive technology and support to organisations like local authorities, colleges and charities.

The idea for waytoB started as a student project in Univeristy, when the founding team was studying Engineering. They became passionate about using their skills to solve problems worth solving.

Since, they have collaborated with pioneering organisations to co-design and launch an independent travel solution that is safe and easy to use, empowering its users to become more independent and lead fullfilling lives.

Image of phone showing a route on the waytoB app. It says 'from home to cafe' and contains two pictures, one of a house and another of a cafe. There is also a watch showing an 'turn left' icon, which is an arrow pointing left.
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Headstart Award
EIT Health
2020 Winner
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EIT Health & Tangent
2018 Accelerator
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2017 Accelerator
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World Summit Award
Inclusion & Empowerment
2018 Winner
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Commercialisation Award
Enterprise Ireland
2018 Winner
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Universal Design Award
National Disability Authority
2016 Winner
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AbilityNet Tech4Good
People's Choice
2018 Winner
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James Dyson Award
Irish Leg
2017 Winner
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Dean's Award
Trinity Health Sciences
2016 Winner
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What our users say


User, England

I'm not so confident with the roads, and I found that it really helped me feel safer and understand better how the roads work. With this app, I feel more confident to go outside.


Parent, Ireland

My son is very comfortable using the app. He’s always asking me to use it so he can be more independent and go to town on his own. He loves going to the movies by himself.


Teacher, Scotland

Using waytoB has brought a new dimension to travel training. We can safely watch where they’re going through the dashboard, plan their routes and open up independence for them.


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